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A Voice for Renters

Like many hard working residents of West Hollywood, I am a renter and believe strongly in preserving and strengthening renter’s rights. Big development and lack of enough affordable housing are causes for rising prices. If you are a tenant in a rent controlled building, you are often stuck in the same unit because if you move, you lose your affordable rent. We need more affordable housing and proactive solutions to address homelessness.  I want to make sure that people like you and I can still afford to live in Our City and have a good and safe quality of life. Renters more then ever need a Voice in City Hall. I will be that Voice that protects you.


A Voice for Community

I believe that connecting with others in your community improves well-being and bridges differences. There is a loss of community between our diverse residents in West Hollywood. I want to bring community back. I want women, people of color, people with disabilities, our LGBTQ residents and Allies, residents with children, our Russian residents, seniors and our neighbors to connect more with each other and have a voice that is listened to and empowered by City Hall.

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A Voice for the Environment

I want our City to become even more green. I want our recycling programs to expand and City trash bins to include land Fill, recycling and composting compartments. Training programs for residents are vital to ensuring our leadership as a Green City. I want to work with small businesses to ensure they are meeting expanded green guidelines and let’s replace plastic straws with eco-friendly ones. Our green spaces needs to be preserved and expanded. During this era of global warming, we need to and can lead the nation as a Green City.


A Voice for Public Safety

I walk my dog Chloe daily and often feel fear when crossing the street or walking down a dark street at night due to speeding cars and rising crime. I will work with the Sherriff’s Deputies to make sure there is more presence and visibility and that our voices are taken seriously. Some areas need to have more stop signs and enforcement to protect pedestrians. There are streets in our City that need more lighting to deter crime.


A Voice for Small Businesses

There is something so special about being able to go to a family owned bakery to get bread or cake where the store clerk or owner knows your name. I am pro small business and it saddens me to see long standing mom and pop shops going out of business every few months. I will make sure small businesses are supported more by City Hall.


I am not accepting donations from Big Developers and will advocate for your voice in City Hall. donate to SUPPORT my people powered campaign.